Unless you are staying at the Burj Al Arab, I would say surely yes!  For starters, vacation rentals are more spacious than those tiny, cramped hotel rooms. Why stay in a hotel room with only two queen size beds when you can have a whole home with four or more bedrooms just for your family?

Staying in a vacation home is a different experience and a much better one specially when travelling with friends or relatives. In a hotel, you usually have to call your friends to ask if they are ready to have breakfast. If they are not, you would probably have to head down without them; after all, your children are hungry, and you will not miss breakfast. Not a pretty picture.

A vacation home rental will offer more privacy and allow you to spend more time together with your family and friends. You can even have a nice glass of wine by the pool after the kids go to bed. Well, I should say private pool. How good is that?

Savings is another important thing to mention. If you are travelling with another family, you can split the lodging cost. In addition, vacation homes have fully equipped kitchens where you can cook your own meals if you wish. Some vacation home owners even provide a barbecue grill!

If you never stay in a vacation home, now is the time to try Paradise Palms – Orlando. You will never stay in a hotel room again! You will find that the savings from vacation home rentals are well worth making your own bed while on vacation.